Koreh Led Wall TV Panel-White High Gloss


Koreh Led Wall TV Panel-White High Gloss

600,000.00 565,000.00

  • It can take up to 85″ TV
  • Modular flatpack furniture(partially pre-assembled for your convenience)
  • Wire/cord management back space
  • LED spotlight in unlimited colours
  • Phone Control LED with Music sync and multiple presets/functions
  • Material: High gloss MDF and MDF
  • Easy assembly and installation manual
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Make your living room even more beautiful with a quality furniture and organize your electronics and the objects you love! The Koreh TV Panel will leave the space complete, compact and much more tidy, counting with suitable niches and spaces to store what you want!The modern design blends easily with any décor and makes everything easy to customize the environment.It also has a high tech led light that can be controlled by any android or ios phone device. The led light has unlimited colour range , on/off function , unlimited saved light presents and other function that can not be exhausted all from your our mobile device.Be the king of your entertainment world with this TV unit.This cabinet is all-in-one for your media/entertaiment life.Apart from the sleek design , clean lines and width that fits most wide TV units ,it is favorite spot in living spaces because of its  functionality and design.Experience media and home entertainment control first hand with this TV cabinet. The high gloss material which gives it a specular feel is a deal you can’t resist.It is flat packed but comes partially assembled for smooth customer experience.You don’t have to do the rigorous work of cabinet parts assembly and it is well packaged against damage. It is easy to install.Wall units made of high quality materials. The cabinet fits perfectly well into every living room. It is well packaged for your installation convenience. One of the Unique products of Interior Effects Ltd

Color White

Model koreh

Material HDF and MDF

Product Description

Height: 170 cm Width: 217 cm Depth: 42 cm

Approximate dimensions of TV space (W x H) Height: 132.2 cm Width: 217.5 cm

Supports up to (kg) 30.00

Number of doors  3 doors

Ideal for up to 85(inch) TVs

Dimensions 217 × 42 × 170 cm



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